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Masters of Science MS applicants are usually freshers. MBA applicants are older and more mature, having spent years working in the industry. As a seasoned executive, your professional maturity and academic clarity should reflect in your MBA SoP. Unlike your bullet-point riddled resume, your MBA SoP format will have a more free-flowing format with your key messages spread across logical paragraphs. Keep in mind that the MBA admissions team already has your resume. Others who are too lazy or impatient, write a few general statements for the sake of formality and submit the application.

But do NOT re-use any of that content.

SoP for FMS | Statement of Purpose Sample

Universities abroad take plagiarism very seriously. We have no inputs to share on their quality or effectiveness. Download these MBA SoP Samples — link 1 , link 2 , link 3 , link 4 , link 5 , link 6 , link 7 , link 8 , link 9 , link Who knows, maybe they were created by amateurs or some content marketing team. So be careful about what ideas you decide to pick or reject from each of these SoP examples for MBA and related business courses.

Learn how to write a good and effective Statement of Purpose SoP.

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If you need high-quality, professional help to create a great SoP, send us an email: info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com. Have around 8 years of industry experience with some of the reputed multinational engineering and consulting organizations. I was suggested to get my course evaluated from WES. Wanted to take your consultation on the following issues :. I will be completing 3 years of work at the time of joining b school. My work profile is of a senior sales engineer,solely responsible for sales of mv switchgear in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain market.


And responsible for a budgeted sales of 50MUSD a year. Though most of the B-schools say 5 years is the avg work ex, will my work ex of such level of 3 years be sufficient to get me my choice of B-School.

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Thats why I am hesitant to keep US an option, since I will be taking a loan to study and would like to work in abroad only. Amit: MBA colleges will not provide any help for work permits.

Reach out to a few you are interested in and ask them if you are eligible to apply. Ankit: Lower but high quality work experience can work for some schools. Note initial difficulties or intermediate failures, then show how you recovered. By adding a sense of drama to your story, you not only keep the reader interested, but also make the accomplishment seem that much more significant.

Again, the goal here is to add insight beyond what the reader knows from the straightforward facts. For example, you can comment on how the accomplishment represents an aspect of your character, or describe how it fits within your background of successes and failures. You might discuss external consequences of your actions to convey their magnitude, but ultimately you should stay focused on your personal response.

Use the details to convey the magnitude of your accomplishment; you should be able to do so sincerely without having to promote yourself. The first question asks you to describe principles that define your approach to leadership.

Much more than documents.

The second question wants you to focus on a single experience or in some cases two experiences. For these essays your first objective is to flesh out the details of the situation and the contributions you made. You must tell an in-depth, engaging story before you even worry about the insights and lessons you deduce.

Then, when you get to that stage, your insights into leadership should be focused on the story you just told. After this basic difference in emphasis, the goals of both essays are essentially the same and include the following:. The point here is to show a clear awareness of your personal strengths, as opposed to pretending to be the best at everything. Again, the best approach is to stay specific and personal. One way to avoid having to cite the obvious is instead to show through examples how you came to understand a particular lesson. In addition to conveying your own strong understanding of how to lead, you should also indicate to the reader the valuable qualities you have cultivated for that task.

These can include communication, collaborative, organizational, and problem-solving skills, as well as personal characteristics like inspiration, initiative, responsibility, and vision. You must show them through example. In asking this question, admissions officers want to see another dimension to your personality. Some schools will ask you to describe one important activity, while others will simply ask how you spend your free time. Many people choose to write about sports. You will have a difficult time finding something unique to say, but as long as you focus on personal details, you can create a strong answer.

Moreover, if you try to force connections back to your business skills, your entire essay will seem contrived.

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Sample SOPs for FMS

Approach the essay as though you were trying to get someone else excited about your hobby through your own enthusiasm. Of course, it should still be a personal account rather than a sales pitch. Instead, describe your feelings when you make a serendipitous discovery or complete a set that you started many years ago. Another tactic you can use to keep the essay grounded in personal details is to focus on a particular episode from your past involvement. This question requires serious introspection before you sit down to write it.

At the same time you do have to think about how this strength will help you in the context of the specific programme you have applied for. Hence writing I am very good at spelling will have little relevance. Write about something that genuinely makes you better at certain things than others. It could be an ability to work effectively within groups.

Or an ability to articulate and communicate your ideas well, an ability to motivate people around you. Sometimes you might be asked to bring out these attributes with the help of suitable examples. Of course, you should yourself be convinced about the goals and not just parrot the lines set by a career advisor. Apart from the essay, this question will come up during the interview and admission officers would detect any sort of hesitancy. If for some reason, you feel that the alumni interviewer has been unnecessarily harsh on you and was trying to pick holes in your story, you could always ask for another interview.

Do not get upset and approach the interview with the same level of confidence as the first time. At the very outset, take some time on deciding about an MBA. Plan out the preparations at least an year in advance. Seek out a career advisor or mentor and spend time explaining your career goals. They would be able to iron out any shortcomings and train you properly. Make arrangements for financing.. Online programs, for example, tend to be more flexible and cheaper, but they can also be considered less valuable than traditional programs in the eyes of certain employers.

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