Essay on democracy and dictatorship in pakistan

Though economy prospered during his 10 year tenure but the internal political structure weakened seriously by the extensive corruption and frequent institutional crisis. Parliamentary set up restored along with the national elections of December under silhouettes of second military regime. The credit of introducing constitution goes to him. Besides that he was an all rounder in political arena of Pakistan.

In his tenure certain measures were adopted to curtail the military sovereignty over the civilian government. The political murder of Bhutto was conducted during his regime. Illegitimacy is the much annoyed aspect of military rulers and of course the major obstacle to the smooth execution of dictatorial powers that introduced the injection of referendum.

One of the distinguish personality carved out by his dictatorial regime was PM Mohammed Khan Junejo, who unsuccessfully tried to convert military control in to democratic rule however, his idea bring an end to National Assembly in May Benazir Bhutto becomes new Prime Minister of Pakistan. On October 12, while exercising military invasions over political environment on regularity basis country was once again dragged under the fourth military ruling favored by plane conspiracy.

The toppled government of Nawaz Shariff from lost opportunity of contesting elections to imprisonment and then to exile forced General Musharaff to restore democracy. Second time in the history of Pakistan referendum was held and won by General Musharaff. Later under severe pressure of western super powers in particular and international media in general, elections were held in Although both the democratic leaders were deprived of contest elections on allegation of corruptions but outcome was contradictory.

Or why democratic political institutions are unable to handle their internal menace or what are the reasons behind their failure?

Or will it be judicious to put entire blame over ill handled democratic provisions? Why back to back dictators are often criticized over the question of disintegration and hypocrisy? Political instability does not portray at all that the channels of military invasion is the only option left out to resolve the matters absolutely rely on political sphere.

Plus the beauty of democratic environment always involved or engaged a great deal of criticism from the opposition benches having vigilant eye over states affairs, and that enjoy complete absentia under dictatorial power. Like the way politicians, political leaders, ministers, judges and other executive personals no matter how experienced and rhetoric they are cannot join military band wagon once they entered in the politics.

One may agree that a decorous military front man not necessarily can be a good leader or an astute leader cannot win the battle zone other than diplomatic front. What they should act to be unbiased is strengthening armed forces in the line of duty and makes all the precautionary arrangements to be less influenced over the political institutions. As suspending constitution, hindering judicial consistency, involving huge finances in referendums and elections often labeled as rigged each time to legitimize one man rule is not al all feasible for a country combating with the evils of financial as well as social victimization.

It is a matter of a great concern that neither dictatorship nor democratic institution ever employed expeditious accountability cap-a-pie that could assure justice to all the sects of the under developed society. However, new accountability institutions with feasible performances and expeditious services are established each time new government comes in to horizon.

But unfortunately the end results contain severe criticism involving only lower cadre or less influential people. That shows the highest degree of corruption and nepotism engaged at each level of accountability dealing with the affluent class. As long as the accountability process enjoy back, fighting with financial, social and political victimization will remain the prime concerns of state plenipotentiaries. In my opinion, to bring stability in the political hugger mugger like situation does not mean to bring army in to power.

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In order to cure political evils the role of army should be restricted to provide alarming information via suggestions. Dictators should learn their lessons from historical civil disobedience and change their dictatorial perception, that ultimate power is the power dedicated by the people to their representatives that make political leaders more accountable. Therefore, power remains unexcitable if its existence diversifies from through proper channel. On the other hand, democracy without morality is impossible; therefore it is an absolute responsibility of the democratic leadership to take all the necessary measures that could save our country from dictatorial regimes.

No matter how progressive military establishment conceive their achievable ideas, democracy remain the widely acceptable perception where fundamental rights, freedom of expression, preservation of astute political ideology, participation of common people on equality basis, free society but according to Islamic code of conducts, legal electoral system, liberty of legislature, executive and judicial lobby cannot be ignored rather expanded.

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Thread Tools. Search this Thread. Democracy Vs Dictatorship Democracy Vs Dictatorship Democracy vs Dictatorship Essay written by heather Imagine the next time you step into the voting booth your ballot only lists one candidate to choose from. Or perhaps your ballot lists four candidates, but they are all from the Liberal party. Dictatorships are one party political systems that are ruled by one leader or an elite group of people under the principle of authoritarianism.

Some feel that dictatorships are the most effective form of government because decisions are made quickly and extreme nationalism benefits the military and economy.

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These individuals value order, nationalism, and authority. However, these systems often result in violence, repression of the public, and few provisions for changes to the system. Democracies are multiparty political systems that rest on the principle of rule by the people. Most people that live in democracies have civil liberties1, and political rights2. Individuals who feel that multiparty systems are the best government value equality, accountability, and freedom. Nations that have multiparty political systems will meet the needs of the public better through the means of political equality, a higher standard of living3, and civil liberties.

Dictatorships often occur when a nation is economically and politically unstable. In this report we will be evaluating the economic performance of governments of Pakistan from the year to using six important economic indicators which are GDP, Inflation, GDP growth rate ,literacy, Poverty and employment.

Since the basic purpose of this report is determine which proved the best therefore the natural disasters that took place in each of the governments and their intensity will also be taken into consideration Below is the brief introduction to these two democratic governments and two dictatorships which were in charge during the year People regard Zia as one of the good leaders and president of Pakistan.

The second military dictatorship in Pakistan ended in when General Zia-Ul-Haq died in a plane crash. The political understanding between the president of Pakistan at that time which was Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Benzir Bhutto never looked stable and Khan in using the eighteenth amendment dismissed her from the post of Prime Minister Of Pakistan. In these three years of PPP no major natural disaster was observed. Second Democratic Rule After the Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was deposed by Khan another parliamentary elections were held by the election commission of Pakistan and in the result of those elections for the first time in history of Pakistan PML N got the chance to rule the country but in Nawaz government encountered a similar fate and was deposed by Khan.

During Nawaz Rule Pakistan two floods and a wind storm and approximately 20 million people were affected. It is said that during this rule of Mohtarma the corruption was at its height and in President Farooq Laghari deposed this government. Fourth Democratic Rule In Parliamentary elections were held and as result of which Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz won the elections with heavy mandate with Nawaz Shareef became the Prime minister of Pakistan for the second time in the history of Pakistan.

Nuclear tests were one of the important achievements of his rule. In his government experienced a great flood. Musharraf held onto power until Today, Pakistan has fallen behind Bangladesh in terms of human-development indicators. Its military, however, is much stronger — both in terms of equipment and political influence. English Deutsch. User menu Log in.

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Private-sector education is growing fast. Violent conflict, state failure and natural disasters force masses of people to leave their homes. The global trade regime is in disarray, but so far has not suffered long term damage. Desertification, biodiversity loss and other destructive trends compound risks of climate change.

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Good governance requires generally accepted laws, responsible enforcement and broad-based participation in public affairs. Regulating the narcotic market is a responsible alternative to prohibition. The politics of providing opportunities to everyone are difficult.