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Theatre Journal

Edited by Alexander J. Butrym, 73— Athens: University of Georgia Press.

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The Fabulous Imagination. Lopate, Philip.

Performance Interventions | Bryan Reynolds | Springer

Edited by Charles Warren, — A Letter to Leo Popper. Sanders, and Katie Terezakis, 16— Nichols, Bill.

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London: Wallflower. How The Essay Film Thinks. Performance Philosophy.

"Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular" (Full Performance 1080p HD)

Richter, Hans. Although their sense of period may diverge, each of these essayists clearly shows enthusiasm and respect for their source material, following leads wherever they go. Yet it does present interesting historical material unavailable elsewhere. For example, Dave Russell removes the evolution of the British music hall from anecdotal and autobiographical ephemera to solid, research-based observations Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Between Theatre and the Environment: The Experience of Cope/With/Land Theatre Co.

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Edited by Michael R. Booth and Joel H. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ; pp. The postmodernist approach to theatre and culture studies nowadays has settled into a kind of respectable, comfortable middle-age, shorn of most of its youthful excesses and more tolerant of the subjects it often savaged in the name of ideology. Historiographical methodologies once considered daring are now commonplace; observations that once appeared radical now seem almost tame.

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The Edwardian Theatre: Essays on Performance and the Stage could serve as a model of this new maturity. Skillfully edited by Michael R. Kaplan, the work offers up eleven essays eight of which were presented at a Canadian conference on Edwardian theatre that attempt to reconstruct an era immensely rich in cultural, material, and theatrical evidence. Like all such enterprises, it probably tries to do too much. At pages of text, it struggles to be inclusive.