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Talking to her sister that very night, Nea boasted to Sourdi that she would have killed the man but Sourdi felt disappointed Chai, The story then moved to the part when Duke and Sourdi began seeing each other. Duke used to wash dishes for Ma, which made the relationship with Sourdi to start and later came to an end after being fired.

Sourdi felt that Duke had no future due to his poverty. Ma made her get married to Mr.

Chhay against her wish. This is because Mr. Chhay was a financially stable man who could provide a suitable lifestyle for both Sourdi and her children. He was older than Sourdi when they got married. Her marriage separated her from her family Chai, The two sisters were too close to each other to the extent of discussing particular issues concerning their lives late in the night before retiring to bed.

Their relationship eventually weathered after Sourdi got married. One day, Nea received an alarming call from Sourdi at night making her feel that her sister was in danger because she sounded like a crying person.

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Nea tried to inquire what the problem was, but Sourdi asked for her mother. She quickly judged Mr. Chhay as a dangerous man whose intention was to harm her sister. She even thought that Mr. Chhay had hit her. She did not expect Nea to visit her with someone else without telling her. The reason for her bruised eye was that a diaper box had fallen on her face.

Duke reacted by knocking Mr. Chhay in the mouth who bled profusely. However, they realized that the alarming call was to notify Nea that she was going to have another baby and did not know what to do. The situation was settled, and Nea went back home.

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The story ends in the same way it began in that, the husband whom she was forced to marry abuses her and tries to save Sourdi from the violent marriage. Nea has a unique manner in which she sees the events taking place different from any other person. She creates suspense to the readers and brings out the strong relationship between her sister and herself. The suspense in this story is clearly noted which was successfully created by Nea. We are not able to know whether Nea became a heroin in trying to protect her sister.

Did she mature up after her separation with Sourdi? Was she able to realize her mistakes from her experiences and initiate change in her life? In the latter, did she get married? All these questions have been left unanswered thus creating suspense in this short story. The suspense can only be created if Nea is the narrator. It also helps the author to show up the distinct characters of Nea and Sourdi Webber, Sabra, and Patrick, For instance, lack of details concerning the relationship between Duke and Sourdi indicates that the perspective cannot be from Duke.

Also, the story is written in first person with the narrator being Nea. It could not bring out the suspense, and the entire plot could have been different. According to me, the author could have used Sourdi as the ideal narrator because she is easy to relate to, and everyone understands her. The Setting The story takes place in s. It starts late at night symbolizing trouble. The rising actions occur in the course of years. These years separates the Nea from Sourdi.

After the climax, the story finishes a few hours later Webber, Sabra, and Patrick, Saving Sourdi short story took place in United States after the family moved there. It was difficult for Nea to adjust to this environment since the place was only occupied by Americans but not Asians as she opted to find.

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It was the only Asian family present in that society. The two girls were at their tender age when they moved to the U. The family operated a bar that located in South Dakota. It is ironically named as the silver palace.

This is the initial point where the story commenced with a recollection of Nea attempting to save her sister, Sourdi. The bar setting plays a crucial role in the formation of the protective characteristics of Nea. The bar leads to several situations to arise.

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For example, Nea feels that there is a necessity of saving Sourdi from being harmed by the drunk man in the bar. Therefore, Nea does not leave her elder sister to fight for herself in the midst of the drunkards even though she is the eldest and can take care of herself. Towards the end of the story, the setting drastically changes. Sourdi moves away to her family with her husband Webber, Sabra, and Patrick, Nea and her mother are left behind. The theme of companionship ties the setting of the story. It is present in the beginning as the girls grow up living together under the same roof.

As they mature, the bond of sisterhood and friendship is strengthened. Though Nea trails behind in maturity, one can assume that it is because she is the younger child. However, it is ironic because she is too protective of her sister. As mentioned above that the setting changed when Sourdi moves into her family, it also changes their companionship with her sister.

Sourdi is also changing from childhood and embracing her individuality by getting married.

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It shows her transformation from childhood life to adulthood. However, this is inconsistent of Nea, who tries to voice contrary opinions to her mother about Mr. At the end of this story, the separate setting of the siblings enables Nea to realize that Sourdi is just trying to be independent and no longer needs protection Webber, Sabra, and Patrick, The mood of this short story is disappointing. Symbolism There are some symbolic references found in the short story Saving Sourdi. Naga was a magical snake in the Chinese culture with a wide mouth that could swallow people.

Her irrational decisions, her overprotective character, and her actions symbolically consumed and limited the people around her. Chhay symbolizes the community that Nea and her family desire to please. Ma wants to ensure her daughter gets her future happiness for a better life. Chhay is a financially stable man whom Ma sees as a suitable and potential husband for her daughter Sourdi.

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Nea hates to see her sister involve herself with men. Duke, however, is a good example to show the reader how Sourdi changes and matures up with boys until marriage. Nea tries to save her sister, but she realizes that Sourdi is an adult, who can choose her own destiny and help with her personal life. Arranged marriages are a part of the Indian culture, and many women accept it without saying. Other women, especially those in the western society, question such practices considering them as inappropriate, discriminating and wrong. This is where the readers learn to see the differences between the east and west.

Indian women, since their youth, have an understanding of their role in life. Comes from a fine family. She does not even know the man she will marry. They have their marriage arranged, and the husband will provide a lifestyle appropriate for her and their children.