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Expository Essay on Identity & Belonging

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Identity and Belonging Theme

That is to say, even if it is your aim to find your sense of belonging totally outside of another group, the course of action required to achieve this belonging through not belonging will be influenced by the sense of belonging established by the group; in your wish to contrast that belonging. A less convoluted illustration. And where do I belong? This point in our live is subjective, because we want to feel accepted in society we deny ourselves of what we really are. There comes a time where our opinions and beliefs are differentiated from those around us, during this time some people may.

The development of a sense of self is one of the greatest achievements one can derive from life.

Notes for Identity and Belonging

Identity is made up of a constellation of characteristics, none more essential than the sense of belonging we feel with others. Humans by nature are social creatures and as such, we all have an instinctual desire for acceptance and community. This is part of the human condition.

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However, belonging is also dependent on our own sense of identity. Where we belong will often be determined by who we are which is why what we truly search for is a delicate equilibrium between …show more content…. Frankie attempts to change her identity by changing her name, in the hope that it will allow her to better connect with the people she wishes to be with.

The ideas expressed in this novel show that an individual must form an identity before following their innate compulsion to belong. The Amish community in the film Witness, directed by Peter Weir, is seen to prioritise belonging over individuality.

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It is not conventional for an Amish woman to have feelings for a man form the city, or at least to act on them, and it would result in her becoming an outcast in the community. This is not supported by the rest of the Amish people in the film and Rachel is forced to choose between belonging and individuality.

In this film it seems knowing where you belong is crucial in knowing who you are. John Book is the.

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