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It also provides time to get an IRB Review done, if necessary. Students should discuss early any need for an IRB review with their proposed chair, since getting human subjects approval can take an extended period of time. A proposal for research should contain clear descriptions of the plans for accomplishment of the particular combination of research tasks, which will be implemented, plus human subjects review. Where the research is concerned only with implementation of previously designed research, the proposal should include a statement summarizing the problem formulation and design tasks.

Where the research is a secondary analysis of previously collected data, the proposal should contain a summary of the original problem formulation, design, and data-collection procedures as a framework for considering a newly proposed hypothesis which will be examined via the available data. Sample generic thesis proposals available at the following sites but yours must include all required components on the Thesis Proposal and Committee Constitution Form on the MSW Program Reference Area:.

This on-campus resource center provides workshops on the use of different software programs used for data analysis. They also provide data consulting for students. The committee must have a minimum of 2 members and the second member may be a teaching or research faculty member at the UW in or out of the department , a practicum instructor or agency supervisor, but if a student would like a 3 rd member, that 3 rd member must again be approved by the Graduate School but may be in a department other than social work.

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This ensures that at least half of the committee are UW Graduate Faculty on any committee. Students will submit their Statement of Intent see above to linm uw. Tables, charts, geometric figures and so on can be generated from other programs, like excel and its likes, and used in Word. The thesis needs to be numbered consecutively with the standard Arabic numerald 1,2,3 etc. The title page is considered the first page, but you never put the number 1 there.

Some prefer to use small Roman numerals i, ii, iii etc on the pages preceding the introduction or the first chapter. Every chapter revolves around a specific, limited topic, and every new main chapter begins on a fresh page odd numbered, right side.

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Remember to add blank pages when needed in order to achieve this. The chapter is marked with a heading, and the paragraphs with subheadings. For a neat look you can make sure that the way the numbers are listed in the table of content is consistent with the way you have numbered the headings and subheadings.

Each chapter and paragraph in a chapter are listed with numbers and subnumbers 1, 2. You never put a punctuation mark after the last number. Try to keep the system of numbering the headings and paragraphs simple in order to ensure a neat and helpful layout. Word has a tool to ensure this and when you use it, word will automatically generate and update your table of contents with the fonts and the size of the fonts you use. Aquote is a direct reiteration of something said or written. Using the right technique is very important. All quotes needs to be an exact replica and marked with quotation marks in front of and at the end of the quote.

If the quote is longer than 5 lines it needs to be separated from the rest of the text by using the tabkey and move the quote one stop to the right.

The reference is placed directly behind the quote in brackets. To ensure a neat presentation it might be a good idea to skip a line both before and after the quote. As a rule, you should not change the quoted text. Misspellings can be marked by! Sic means "thus", "so", or "as shown", in plain English. Sometimes you may want to skip certain words or phrases in a long quote, and this can be done by adding Make sure you use space both before and after the A quote may also be incorporated into your own text, but you need to make sure to still use the quotation marks on the quote and reference the quote with a footnote.

In this instance it means that you, with your own words, reiterate or summarize if you will the main point of what other people have said or written. An in-text summary should be considerably shorter than the text it has been derived from, have the same structure and be reiterated without you adding your voice to it and with a neat depiction. The in-text summary is like downsizing and summarizes the original text.

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You can, if you want to, leave out some details and examples of the summarized text. If the in-text summary plays a big part to your own text, you need to include the author and resource in a footnote.

Thesis Process and Proposal Overview

The text you have summarized from must to be included in your bibliography, however big of a part it plays in your paper. You should not use any more abbreviations than the standardized abbreviations.


Please consult your thesaurus and other reference books for the appropriate abbreviations. Viktigere enn omfanget er imidlertid innholdet, kvaliteten, helheten og sammenhengen mellom de ulike delene av oppgaven. For en utdypning av kvalitet, se Kilpatrik og Mellin-Olsen My studies. Find more studies.

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