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It remains unclear whether providing individual choice options to consumers i. Especially the aspiring field of Mobile Commerce M-Commerce that currently struggles to successfully commercialize service-based products could use the additional benefits of individualized CRM campaigns.

Consumer perceptions of cause related marketing campaigns

The study therefore aimed at identifying the effects of personal choice of donation elements on purchase intention within CRM campaigns. Furthermore, the transferability of positive consumer reactions to CRM campaigns to the mobile sales channel was examined on the example of mobile insurances within this study. Six different manipulations of CRM campaigns were presented to a total sample of participants. Moreover, structural equation modelling SEM was used to quantify the causal relationships among the variables in the model.

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The results revealed that Cause-Related Marketing is able to positively influence consumer purchase intentions concerning mobile insurances under the condition of no choice. The authors further demonstrate that individual choice of cause decreases purchase intention in this context.

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  7. The publisher only permits individual articles to be downloaded by subscribers. Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is faced as an opportunity for Brand Equity and there are many companies which invest a considerable percentage of their budget on different CSR activities in order to enhance their image.

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    A very popular CSR strategy is Cause-Related Marketing CRM according to which the profit-making companies form strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations for mutual benefits. CRM can provide great opportunities to organizations in terms of corporate reputation, brand awareness, customer loyalty, and press coverage.

    This paper analyzes the findings of a research which was implemented in three faces. Design methodology.


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    Customer engagement through choice in cause-related marketing: A potential for global competitiveness. International Marketing Review. In: International Marketing Review.

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