Thesis on corruption of power

Power Leads to Corruption

No mobster thinks of himself as having committed the act. Every party to the act hanged Joe Doakes. The Real Source of Corruption. This line of thought reveals an error which I, among others, have been making. And note how Plato in The Republic singularizes the evil effect by his use of the word, "tyrant," inferring that it is only the head of state whose power to use violence leads to corruption:.

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When Edmund Burke wrote, "There never was for any length of time corrupt representation of a virtuous people. But other conferments from the people to the head of state are made by those who give assent by silence. In the case of individuals who have acquired the ability to think for themselves, this may be the more self-corruptive of the two offenses.

We are the truly responsible ones and, thus, the very ones who are exposed to the most damaging sort of corruption.

A fraction is inextricably bound to the whole of which it is a part. To coin a term, they become "unpersons," bereft even of evolutive powers. Thus, if I wish to learn how this kind of power corrupts me, if I am an advocate of it, I need only take note of how it corrupts the head of state, the administrator of it. Here we have a failure to grasp that in each individual instance, I am my responsibility! Yes, I am my responsibility.

There are, on the one hand, the various noncoercive powers such as purchasing power, the power to attract emulation, and the like. On the other hand, in a class by itself, is coercive power—the power to shape or influence the lives of others by violence or the threat thereof. Disciplining Oneself. If I cannot manage an authority-responsibility balance, I am not a fit prospect for these powers, nor will I long enjoy them. Indeed, the slightest failure of responsible conduct induces self-corruption unfitness—and, thus, puts an end to the powers.

But what about coercive power? How can its tendency to corrupt be averted? The answer is so simple it needs no analysis: never invite or accept this form of power in the first place! This wholly fanciful omniscience is a divorcement from reality; it results in such an overassessment of self that knowledge of self fades into nonexistence. The corruption implicit in an acceptance of coercive power is unmanageable. Noncoercive power is subject to self-management; that is, I can contain the tendency, keep it under self-control.

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This is disintegrative, the end of which is corruption. To keep faith with self, I must take instruction from whatever my highest conscience reveals as right. This may not, in fact, be The Answer, but is as close to it as I can get. This is integrative, the end of which is integrity. Be it noted that when I break faith with self I thereby lose that quality in my constitution which restrains me from breaking faith with others. Foot Notes. Leonard E. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

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Thesis statement on power and corruption

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