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You may want to reach out to the publisher first or investigate their website to see if they have any rules or guidelines specific to republishing theses, before you invest the time to tailor your work to that venue. If you would like to continue working with your thesis content, revising it for a new venue and audience, go for it! Start by considering the type of publication you're interested in and investigating what their requirements and expectations might be, and expect to revise your work thoroughly to suit that venue.

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The SFU Library provides a variety of writing and publishing support:. The latest news and answers to your questions about scholarly publishing and open access. Published December 5, by Jennifer Zerkee. Your rights As the author of your thesis, you own copyright in it from the first draft through to the finished paper. Developing your thesis for publication Your thesis was written for a specific purpose and a specific audience, so it's definitely going to require revision to make it suitable for publication.

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Where do I start? The SFU Library provides a variety of writing and publishing support: Visit our graduate writing services page for writing support. Attend the Preparing to Publish workshop, held each semester. Visit the Scholarly Publishing webpages for information on assessing potential publishers and retaining your rights to your published work. Blog Categories Writing. Blog Tags publishing.

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Owned by: Jennifer Zerkee. Your proposal will give us a general sense of the content, focus, and potential audience for your manuscript and help the Press determine if we are the appropriate publisher for your work. We would be happy to talk with you about the areas in which the Press publishes, our plans for the future, and how your manuscript might fit with these.

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You should send your proposal to the Acquisitions Editor, either by e-mail or by hard copy. This initial review usually takes four to six weeks.

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If your manuscript originated as a dissertation, please provide a description of the revisions you have made or plan to make. We do not publish unrevised dissertations. A dissertation is a focused, often narrow, analysis written for a small, specialized committee to prove your knowledge of a particular topic. To be published as a book, it must be recast to speak more broadly to a larger audience with an authoritative voice that has absorbed the scholarship in the field and builds on it.

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Edited collections must be a coherent, judicious selection of essays that work together and, as much as possible, speak to each other. The editor s must provide a substantive introduction to the overall themes of the book and present an intellectual analysis of the essays that follow. The introduction should make any connections among essays clear, and authors should be encouraged to refer to other works in the collection. Essays must be consistent in terms of format and style, and attention must be paid to ensure they are organized logically.

A list of contributors and their affiliations should be provided. If we feel that your manuscript does have the potential to fit our list, we will ask you to send us your complete manuscript, which we will send for peer review to two outside experts in your field. We will ask that you send us one hard copy of the manuscript printed either double- or single-sided as well as an identical electronic copy.

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  4. We ask peer readers to answer the following questions about the manuscript: Does the work make an original contribution to the subject area? Is the scholarship sound? Is the manuscript, as it stands, acceptable for publication? If not, would a revised manuscript be publishable? What revisions would be required? Is it important that this manuscript be published? What suggestions do you have for improving the manuscript, relating to style, inaccuracies, omissions, etc.?

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    We will discuss these reports with you and determine with you which are the key points that should be addressed. Each manuscript reviewed will also be assessed financially. All scholarly books require some form of financial assistance to be economically viable, and we will discuss with you if an application to funders such as the Awards to Scholarly Publications Program ASPP will be required to make publication financially feasible.

    The peer reports and your response will then be presented to the University of Manitoba Press Editorial Board. Our Editorial Board is made up of scholars from different disciplines appointed by the university president. Once your manuscript has been approved by our Editorial Board, it will be assigned a place in our publication schedule.

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    In consultation with you, we will set a deadline for your submission of the final manuscript with revisions and all accompanying material. After our board has approved publication of your manuscript, we will prepare a contract for your book. Our author contract is a standard book publishing contract.